Our investment philosophy is a multi-faceted approach that is disciplined, flexible and well-defined.  At Premium, we are firm believers that a singular, myopic approach is very challenging and eventually doomed to failure.  We offer investors access to a diversified portfolio of emerging hedge fund managers through a managed account structure designed to deliver consistent, positive, absolute returns while protecting investor capital. We strive to continuously evaluate and bring on the platform extraordinary emerging portfolio managers that have a unique, structured and scalable approach to investing with long track records of success. Our goal is to preserve capital during periods of market decline and produce competitive investment performance in rising markets. We utilize a variety of tools and proprietary indicators to conduct extensive due diligence, evaluate different strategies and study their correlations to ensure best results and avoid sector and industry concentration. Premium’s emerging managers are leaders in several unique uncorrelated strategies and move quickly to take advantage of diverse opportunities across multiple sectors.

Our firm has a deep commitment to risk management and attention to detail. Our team’s strong background, coupled with an understanding of global macro factors, fundamental and technical indicators and knowledge of key inflection points in the different trading cycles are critical assets we bring to the table that differentiate us from the typical asset manager and provide the foundation for each of our investment strategies. Premium’s investment process focuses on generating consistent positive returns with low volatility compared to the broader market. 

We view the current environment as a tremendous opportunity. According to recent research reports the number of hedge fund launches has been decreasing over the past years, even though demand and allocations have increased. The majority of investor funds are allocated primarily to established hedge funds leaving “start up” funds with limited capital to perform and prove their strategy. Furthermore the increased cost to launch and operate a fund is a prohibitive factor for many managers. Premium’s environment and cost structure is developed to benefit emerging managers and allows us to attract the “best of the best”, by fostering an office with unique perquisites. Any cost savings we achieve through economies of scale are automatically passed on to the emerging portfolio managers and improve their performance and profitability. This significant reduction in cost and execution serves as the backbone for productive and successful long term relationships. We view our managers as partners and provide them with all the necessary tools to help them grow. These additional savings are ultimately benefiting our investors return.